What Sets Us Apart

Caring for Patients as Family

A child’s first dental experience can leave a lasting impression and affect his or her feelings about the dentist and caring for oral health well into adulthood.

At The Ark Pediatric Dentistry & Anesthesia, Dr. Dan Boboia and our team understand the importance of what we do. We strive to ensure every child has only positive, pain-free visits, gaining trust while establishing comfort in the dental environment.

As a kid-friendly and family-oriented practice, we work closely with parents and children to make appointments efficient, educational, and filled with laughter and smiles!

Our Practice

Ours is a welcoming and friendly office, where we take time to make sure every boy and girl knows they are safe and every parent is informed and confident in the treatment we provide.

Our Doctor: Beyond his four years of dental school, culminating in his Doctorate of Dental Surgery, Dr. Dan has completed an additional five years of specialty residencies. This extensive, in-depth training in anesthesia, pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, and medicine has been recognized with his being dual certified in pediatric dentistry and anesthesiology.

Dr. Dan is also a father of three. He knows how to connect with children in a calm and reassuring manner, and can soon have even the most anxious little one grinning! Likewise, he understands a parent’s concerns and seeks to understand your expectations and wishes.

Our Team: Everyone in our office is well trained, professional, and accommodating. We love spending our days helping little smiles grow up healthy and strong and appreciate the relationships we develop with our patients’ families.

We are committed to caring for your child as we would family: making sure they know they are heard, safe, and treasured!

Our Services and Approach: We offer comprehensive pediatric dentistry for infants, children, and teens, as well as children and adults with special needs. In addition, we provide care and dental anesthesia for individuals with anxieties and phobias, as well as with complex needs.

Treatment and procedures are designed to each person, with the focus on efficient and painless care that establishes, strengthens, or maintains their oral health. At the same time, we emphasize preventive care, patient and parent education, and helping children learn why and how they can keep their teeth and gums healthy.

We want each person we see to have healthy, functional teeth, and to enjoy their smile for life!

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

Have questions about our services and want to learn more? Please contact our Fort Wayne, IN office and schedule a complimentary, no-pressure consultation with Dr. Dan and our team. Everyone at The Ark Pediatric Dentistry & Anesthesia looks forward to welcoming you, and your little ones, to our smile care family; schedule your consultation today!

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